Lava Rock Odour Control

Oorder controlur Lava Rock (pumice) is used extensively throughout the UK and Europe as a biofiltration media in the treatment of odours emanating from sewage treatment works, wastewater treatment works, industrial processes and industrial effluentsboth municipal and industrial applications.

Biofiltration is a technique for the elimination of malodorous gas emissions such as hydrogen sulphide (H2S), mercaptans and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

A biofilter or bioscrubber (often called a packed tower) is an air filtration system where contaminated gases are treated inside a tower. The biofilter contains lava rock onto which microorganisms attach. These microorganisms create a biofilm on the lava rock which during biofiltration absorb the contaminants contained within the gas. The microorganisms degrade the pollutants, with the treated gas vented to the atmosphere.

The gas can be pumped into the biofilter either concurrent or counter current, with the control of the systems pH either by the addition of caustic soda or by the replacement of the re-circulating liquors

Our lava rock (pumice) has been used in biofilters for over 15 years with no deterioration in performance. It is increasingly being specified as an alternative to traditional media such as shells, woodchip etc due to its extended lifespan and much reduced whole life cost.
Lava Rock is chemically inert and is not affected by either acids (except hydrofluoric acid) or alkali. Lava Rock is strong enough physically to be used in biofilters with a bed depth of up to three metres. A typical empty bed contact time (EBCT) would be 30-35 seconds although some plants that are seeded using specific bacteria use a much lower EBCT.
Typical installations using lava rock will remove about 95-98% of H2S and mercaptans found in sewage works gases. It is important to develop and maintain a good level of biomass by providing a constant level of H2S if possible, so that good performance will be maintained during periods of very low concentrations or during times when very high concentrations are expected, e.g. sludge imports etc

Typical grades used by our clients include:

order control Lava rock

Lava Rock Media 15-25mm

    • Lava Rock Media 5-10mm
  • Lava Rock Media 15-25mm
  • Lava Rock Media 20-30mm
  • Lava Rock Media 30-50mm

The advantages of using our lava rock media over traditional media are numerous and include the following:

  • Low capital and installation costs
  • Low pressure drop during the life of the plant
  • Allows high bed depths and therefore small installation footprint
  • Low empty bed contact times
  • Good removal performance
  • Tolerance to variable and shock loads
  • Not seriously affected by extremes of temperature Suitable for hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans alike
  • Equally suitable for industrial applications and VOC control


Should you require any further technical information or details on some of the many plants we have supplied, please feel free to contact us and our Process Engineer will assist.