Lava Rock the preferred Odour Control Media for Anaerobic Digestion

The challenge of disposal and processing the municipal gas wastes into the atmosphere from anaerobic digestion, which is a source of offensive odours and a problem to the local environment. Controlling the odours generated by landfill activities is a challenge facing the waste management industry today. Lava Rock Odour Control Media is becoming a popular choice to help with the off gasses. This is due to its key attributes including;


-Low capital and installation costs
-Low pressure drop during the life of the plant
-Allows high bed depths and therefore small installation footprint
-Low empty bed contact times
-Good removal performance
-Tolerance to variable and shock loads
-Not seriously affected by extremes of temperature
-Suitable for hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans alike
-Equally suitable for industrial applications and VOC control


Lava Rock Odour Control Media is rapidly replacing the traditional biomass support systems of peat/heather, wood chip and mussel shells. Not actively participating in the biological process pumice is not “consumed” in the manner of the alternatives and therefore has a much longer life (typically greater than 15 years). It does not compact and retains its original low pressure drop and hence low running costs.

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